A Traves del Cristal

  1. Work on Cruises: Targets for promotion.

    04 Aug 2019
    After a new photographer pass the 90 days of examination on board and get his first appraisal of performance he/she will be able to begin his race for a promotion for a better positions, as I told in previous entries each position comes with different responsabilities so they must be…

  2. Work on cruises: After work.

    31 Jul 2019
    One of the question that someone can hear from time to time workin on board is: How is the social life on a ship? or if the crew is able to have parties on board? even if they have fun in some point? so is not so weird that people…

  3. Work on Cruises: The gear.

    20 Jul 2019
    Across interview or moving forward to the process of embarkation the recruiter or coordinator would ask for the type of gear that the candidate normally use for work, with the intention to know which is their grade of knowledge about equipment and versatility at the moment of use a different…

  4. Work on Cruises: The videographer position.

    07 Jul 2019
    Any cruise line with a photo department will offer the black and white photo studio session as an already pointed premium product however a few cruises, specifically the ones that cover more exotic places or historic ones will also offer the video itinerary of the voyage recorded for a videographer…

  5. Work on Cruises: The black and white studio.

    01 Jul 2019
    Moving forward through the aspects of the work and the gallery, we will find two superior or deluxe services / product about photography. The first one is the black and white studio on board with an artist of the portrait in charge and the second one would be the especial…

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