A Traves del Cristal

  1. Work on Cruises: Photographic laboratory.

    23 Jun 2019
    Is not any mystery that from the moment that companies decides to hires photographers to take photos on board that them would need an space for the development of the material. In ’88s or ’90s when the film cameras as Fuji, Kodak, Canon or Nikon was bring it on board…

  2. Work on Cruises: The Photo Gallery.

    16 Jun 2019
    In previous entries we talked about the studios and events, one of the main fronts working in photography on board, however as any other ship or even photographic establishment the photographers would count with a gallery for display products, pictures, technical support if is at his reach and other services…

  3. Work on Cruises: The minor events.

    10 Jun 2019
    With the four main events of photography on board (embarkation, ressi, studio and gangway) it’s time to check the secondary ones. This photographic events on board if well can seems important, are actually with the main idea of advertise the work, create content on the gallery, engage with the guest…

  4. 30 Anniversary of Tank Man and the Tiananmen Square, the story behind the picture.

    02 Jun 2019
    People from different ages, works or regions but with the same ideal, the democracy, they gathered all together in the now iconic Tiananmen Square, with the objective of being louder enough so the Chinese government could listen to them Jeff Widener on assignment in Angola in 2013. On June 5t,…

  5. Work on Cruises: Events - Photo studios on board during casual or gala nights.

    26 May 2019
    As one of the main events as embarkation, ressi and gangway; the studio portrait offer the opportunity to develop the skills of every photographer in illumination poses, speech, and more. Is not only for that the studio event become one of the main ones but also for the demand during…

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