A Traves del Cristal

  1. Work on Cruises: Events - Gangway, the wonderful or nightmare event.

    19 May 2019
    We cover the embarkation event, ressi event during formal/gala night and now we are approaching to one of the highlights of the itinerary, the ports. Can be an historic city in Europe, a paradisiac beach in the Caribbean, a busy metropolis or a mystic town in Asia; every place offer…

  2. Work on Cruises: Events - Restaurants a.k.a. Ressi

    14 May 2019
    After embarkation pictures, the restaurant event is the second most popular in pictures doing on board. Not only during a formal or gala night but also as a casual night dinner the numbers getting from this event can easily reach the same amount as embarkation photos, if the photographer is…

  3. Work on cruises: Events - Embarkation shoots.

    06 May 2019
    As any other important event, embarkation studio is one of the longest, and if you are not used to do it, become one of the most extenuated events on board.  Between another departments allowed to be on the terminal, photographer must create a good first impression, this is important not…

  4. Work on cruises: Positions and duties inside of the Ph department.

    07 Apr 2019
    As any other workplace once that you are inside of the ship you are part of an organization that share common goals. Photographers are not exempt of this and they play a crucial role in the services offered as the guest expect a quality services for a product that is…

  5. Work on cruises: Body Language.

    31 Mar 2019
    As the president of UFC Dana White says “I know who is going to try to fight during the weighing for the way and the speed that they approach”. Body language is not linked to an only aspect but you can see it everywhere and even in photography  After a…

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