A Traves del Cristal

  1. Work on cruises: Time to work.

    24 Mar 2019
    The first times of work on board are exciting, doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a professional photographer, the job of the cruise has the rhythm and the contact with the people that you would hard to find in any other place. Someones they compare the job with…

  2. Work on cruises: First day.

    17 Mar 2019
    As any other job the first days are usually a rush of emotions and disconcert. Ships, especially the big one are very intimidating making the new comers feel a bit terrified but as any home-port everyday a lot of people enter at work or finish their contract leaving to the…

  3. Work on cruises: Travels tips to have a relaxed flight.

    03 Mar 2019
    (Updated) Usually take a flight must be that nice experience indicating the beginning of a new contract, the noise of the terminal, the sounds of announcements or the view of the cockpit of your plane between other things pointing to be a wonderful moment, that if you didn’t have troubles…

  4. Work on cruises: Medical examinations.

    24 Feb 2019
    Medical examinations. Once that you pass the interview or the trainings is some paperwork that you have to complete, maybe an extra course or the medical check done All new hires must successfully complete a valid physical exam prior to joining a cruise ship for their contract. Usually details…

  5. Work on cruises: Training time!

    17 Feb 2019
    Trainings & seminars Some people love trainings and other ones just hate them because is like a waste of their time, in my personal opinion every training, seminar, or similar are a perfect chance of always learn something new every time, if is not for the side of the teacher…

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