Work on cruises: After work.

One of the question that someone can hear from time to time workin on board is: How is the social life on a ship? or if the crew is able to have parties on board? even if they have fun in some point? so is not so weird that people do this frequent question due to the mysticism of work in a particual enviroment. True be told every type of ship would gathering to celebrate birthdays or independences parties during some moment of the day or night and in cruises this is not so far from that, on ships so big that you can have more of thousand crew members the cultural diversity is comparable to a small town in which one they would reunite to celebrate holydays or especial events as for example a world cup series.

In consideration that the shifts can be long one of the benefits is have time to rest and get distracted, doesnt´t matter if is on the crew bar or in the gym being aware of use that time in good use allow the crew to disconnect from the work, relax and don´t be overwhelming for situation that could happen during the day.

So that would depend from line to line the amount of amusements that the crew would have, this is coordinated by the Hr department usually they would create a calendar of the month in which shows up especial occasion as movie nights in the theatre, sports event as a basketball tournament between departments, money prizes events as raffles or black jack tournaments, celebration parties as Halloween or the independence day of a country, karaoke, crew bands battle, bbq and the list can go but all depending of the availability and the amount of work that Hr department would be interested in invest, between other duties that they have of more critical matters the crew social event are mostly realize on weekends or long sea days itineraries, however this doesn´t mean that the crew can´t host their own parties on cabins separated from the rest of the crew with more particular motives as birthdays, promotion or just a random reason to reunite the department and celebrate.

Is common like it was in any place, even with the minima intention of disconnect a moment from work and enjjoy a beer in the bar, work on board has their own perks that make it beautiful once that is get used, however as anyone can be celbrating some occasion, other crew member can be working so its always good to be prudent and know when to stop drinking, situations of drunk discussions or fights that ended with crew member getting fired are not weird, even crew memers or guest that they didn´t knw when to stop and ended jumping to the sea for different reason transform something that could be a fantastic day/night in a tragedy moment, similar as someone drunk behind a wheel. That´s why if well the people that work on board have a lot of options to socialize and have fun just for being in a ship where you just walk to their rooms doesn´t means that someone can drink in a irresponsible way. Crew members know this and have very present in their mind that at the next day is working day.

Thank you for reading. if you have an idea, suggestion or comment please feel free to leave it below. Cheers. 

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