Work on Cruises: Targets for promotion.

After a new photographer pass the 90 days of examination on board and get his first
appraisal of performance he/she will be able to begin his race for a promotion for
a better positions, as I told in previous entries each position comes with different
responsabilities so they must be prepared and have the knowledge necessary to
fill the place, after this the company would see their progress during that
time and considered if the candidate is able to get or not the promotion; but
which ones are the fields that they look forward? If well each company have a
different way we are going the see the most complete, companies can miss some
of the points a continuation focus in one in particular.

Technical knowledges.

Companies would provide several pdf, videos or quiz onlines where the candidate would
need to study the process  of the administration
or the laboratory to get familiarize with his environment. Under the attention
of an assistant or a senior photographer to clear any doubt that can show up or
from home taking notes after the candidate study all the topics would be summited
to an oral or write test to check their knowledge and get the grades necessaries
to continue. In case to fail a repetition of the material would be necessary to
pass the test and get the clearance to move to the next level.

Targets: Events

During the entries we talk about how each photographic event would be subject to a specific
target of pictures that the team must reach, each event has their own
individual target in accordance to the position and knowledge of the
photographer for which a junior ph would have a different target that a staff
or lead ph however techniques to get the numbers are basically falling on the
same base ”Less is more”. This apply for every event (at least in our
experience) and barking orders to the guest if well someone can perceived as
rude, depending the tone and the non verbal language that you use can be highly
effective. Target on restaurant as example on small ships can go to 250 or 300
photos, on medium ships 350 to 400 and bigger ships 500 to +800 pictures,
embarkation can go from 700 to 4.000 photos and gangways from 200 to 600, other
events as portrait, character and similar would have variation of numbers
depending on the location and other factors. So which strategy can be useful
for get so many numbers? As we say “Less is more”, offered simple and in a
creative way without fear, if your technique doesn’t work you always can try
again the next time.

Targets: Sales

During the time on the gallery every photographer would have a list of retail items,
bookings and packages to sell to get their sales target on green. Products as
alkaline batteries or memory cards some cruises lines doesn’t take on
consideration, but the one that does can be a really lifesafer for who want to
get their promotions. Sales can be catalogued in 3 categories: accessories,
cameras and packages, other cruise lines would request dvds, usb, albums and
books for the black and white studio.

To have an example and depending the position or cruise line, the company would request to
the photographer to sold: 10 photo packages (digital or physical) – 3 albums –
5 usb/dvds – 2 binoculars – 5 bookings – 1 camera.

As I say each department would have a different numbers to reach, but if the candidate
is clever would be able to combine this requests, for example selling a digital
package the photographer can suggest the usb or dvd, if they are not happy with
the photos the ph can push for a booking of the private studio; same for
physical packages the ph can suggest albums, scrapbooks and others accessories to
complete their target. The key of this is offer possibilities to the customer,
if they say no is because the one that says yes would be near so is always good
offer it, push and you will see the results. Of course would be cruises as
charters where the targets would be almost impossible to reach except the team
and the manager plan carefully a strategy, working togheter without losing the
eyes from the ball or cruises where the people would not spend, this is always
normal so the best point of start is get the max numbers that you can reach, is
not a shame don’t fill the sales target but the companies would notice the push
to get it and that would go to their files creating a good image.

I hope that this helps and clear any doubts. If you have any idea, suggestion or comment
feel free to leave it below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day ahead.

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