Work on Cruises: The black and white studio.

Moving forward through the aspects of the work and the gallery, we will find two superior or
deluxe services / product about photography. The first one is the black and
white studio on board with an artist of the portrait in charge and the second
one would be the especial edition dvd of the itinerary filmed by the
videographer specialist on board, both of this products fall in this category
due to not only the personalization of the product but also because they have
an specialist dedicated only to that subject.

Here we are going to talk about the black and white studio, but what is it? In previous
entries we talk a bit of this studio and how is one of the main services
offered on board. The studio is basically a private space where people from all
ages can reserve a slot for their personal photo session to celebrate any
occasion as anniversary, a wedding, a birthday, etc.; as this studio counts
with gear focused especially to the portrait style for which contain the
necessary gear to get the pictures with the same or better quality as any other
studio on land for even if you decided to even check the place, the
photographer is always more than glad to give a tour around explaining all the

The photography department can help with the booking process during the whole
voyage due that this not only can help them as an performance improvement but
also for any sells that the black and white photographer does, the photographer
that booked would receive a commission of the sale, making each photographer
have their own style at the time of book a session. Once that the session is
booked and in process, the photographer would direct the people making them
pose in several ways as he/she sees more convenient, all the session are
companied with music to create a relax environment and the people would be more
comfortable making a session of around 20 minutes seems 5 minutes. Of course
each photographer will manage their times for some cases session can be longer
or shorter but all with the same style, after the shot the photographer will
create a viewing date in which is more convenient for the guest to see the
final product.

As the only studio with a specialist in doing post production, the photographer would
select the best pictures to do a retouch as corrections, cleaning and toning
about the places that he think that will be necessary, for example the skin,
the clothes or maybe the background would be spots that will fall in
consideration whatsoever if the photographer has a line of edition to do for a
next viewing, will be necessary manage the time in a way that the would be a
quality job and being well rested for the viewing of the material, making speed
one of the perks necessary at the moment of being almost in a deadline.

The viewing usually is marked a few days after the session was done, the photographer would
prepare several frames and packages in a presentation for the guest and offer
them a variety not only of prices but also in printing albums that would go
perfect with the pictures that they selected. As all the photos had a
post-production the prices would be totally different from the regular picture,
however in some cases can be more cheaper than a session made on land
especially for the quality of the job. During the viewing, once that the
pictures are selected and choose the format, if is printed they will fill a
form where the photographer later will upload to the system with the delivery address,
the information and the chosen pictures for printing, usually this deliveries
would take a couple of weeks, however if the guest choose digital they will receive
the picture in high quality on a special pen drive or a DVD depending of the
cruise line.

Once that everything was done, the photographer would upload the bill information to the
system so the guest services department would have the bill of the purchase for
the end of the cruise, the photos are usually upload to the company server for
back up per week or per itinerary depending of the company, in case if the
guest lost their pictures the company would be able to send them a copy of the

But how to become a black and white photographer? if well different cruise lines had a different name from the black and white studio making seems really different one from another, the process is simple, once that you reach certain duties and knowledge the photographer can request the apply for the position, this request would be check for the office in mainland comparing the data as sales, engagement with the people, techniques, and trainings received for the black and white ph onboard, if the photographer fill the requisites the
office would contact him/her for an interview answering a series of questions.
In some cruise lines they will withdraw them from duty to complete an intensive
training in their offices under observation. In both cases if the photographer
succeed will be promoted to black and white artist.

But this is only a part of the studio due that if we need it to explain everything in detail would be carried several entries. However this position can be one of the most fun due that you will be able to manage your own time and learn a lot of techniques if you are beginning in photography. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day ahead!

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