Work on Cruises: The gear.

Across interview or moving forward to the process of embarkation the recruiter or
coordinator would ask for the type of gear that the candidate normally use for
work, with the intention to know which is their grade of knowledge about
equipment and versatility at the moment of use a different cameras. Of course if
someone is applying for the position on board they would expect to have at
least a basic knowledge in photography and illumination.

During the search of available positions in different cruises one difference can be spoted
between the companies, the one that requires to bring your own equipment on
board and the ones that provides the gear for the work leaving the candidate
the option of bring their own equipment for work or hobby. Some cruise lines
also give to the photographer company equipment for the job but they would
request to the candidate to bring their own camera for work or even they would
considered necessary to bring their own equipment due that the company doesn’t count
with the gear on board at all.

Companies that provide the cameras and equipment can have a deal with several companies
(Nikon, Canon, Fuji, etc) providing the perfect gear for the job, technical
services, discounts and other benefits for the workers that can be use during
their contract. Of course this cameras are subject to the responsible use from
the side of the photographer, if the cameras suffer some malfunction or get
broken for the incorrect use the photographer, he\she would be responsible of
paid the gear being deducted from their salary. The cruise lines will provide
with all the necessary gear (camera, lenses, memory cards, batteries) and count
with spare parts on board in event if something goes missing or get broken.

But not all the companies would provide the photographer with their tools, other companies that
force to the candidate to bring their own equipment have the risk if the
photographer damage their own equipment, if that happens later would be forced
to buy a new gear to continue on the job or will be dismiss for not fulfill the
points of the contract. Have in consideration that the cameras would be under
extended use making the chance of get malfunction for overshoot increase, some
companies would  have deals with
technical services to repair the equipment paying only  small fee however another ones wouldn’t have
any type  of technical services. In a job
like that the photographer need to be conscious of how many pictures take and
the especial care of their own equipment, of course with the salary you will be
able to afford new equipment in case that you need it but is always the best
keep an eye and doing regular maintainance from time to time.

But which type of camera they use? Cruise lines providing the gear would be commonly using
Nikon due to the relation quality/price in cameras and the advantage of using
lenses without need of and adaptor. Sd memory cards are the cornerstone of
department due to the low chances of get corrupted files under heavy rhythm of
shots in comparison with the flash cards that after a while begin to corrupt or
distort some pictures. Lenses going from 18-55 estandards for regular events to
70-200 to shot especial occasion, in need of more specific equipment the
photographer could request to the black and white photographer.

Computers and printers onboard are calibrated for both types of cameras, Canon and Nikon,
however at the moment of printing the advance eye would be able to notice the
difference in color, resolution and brightness between each brand. Yes you can
fixed in edition but have in mind that outdoor events as gangways would be
under factors as the weather changing all the time making the edition a headache
if they going picture by picture and not editing the whole batch.

So in conclusion, even if the company doesn’t provide the gear, us as photographer
must keep our tools sharped and taking cared of that. The rate of that a camera
broke during the contract is highly low, but the benefit of getting discount in
products and technical services is the highlight of this. 

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