Work on Cruises: The videographer position.

Any cruise line with a photo department will offer the black and white photo studio session
as an already pointed premium product however a few cruises, specifically the
ones that cover more exotic places or historic ones will also offer the video
itinerary of the voyage recorded for a videographer specialist.

But what is this? Is basically a video in which the videographer, the person in charge of
recording the whole voyage, filmed sections of the ship, shows, events and even
excursion during the whole trip and present it for purchase to the people that
want to have something really different from the classic photos. Luxuries
cruise lines will hire professional videographer, people not only with the
knowledge in filming but also in editing that deliver a quality material as is
expected for cruises that have not only the reputation but also the prestige of
being and offer something totally different when in the other side of the coin
will have also professional people dealing with this position but due to the
repetition of the itinerary (let’s say for example Caribbean) they reuse clips
and footage from previous voyages, if this is not 100% personalize can be very
helpful due that the videographer would count with a rhythm of work more
manageable if we have in consideration that during a voyage you will have
events almost all the day and in most of the would be scheduled in the same

For these occasions videographers on premium cruise lines will have an assistant to cover
all the events and help with the edition of the videos rotating shifts to have during
the voyage to have everything covered. In longer cruises the videographer will
have to work against clock to deliver a trailer of the video at the half of the
voyage to hook potential buyers, talk about the ports and other inquires. Once
that the trailer shows up and some reservations for the video will made, they
will continue work against the clock to deliver already a full movie of the
voyage. The duration of the videos can depends of the ports that the cruise
did, the events on board, excursions, etc., for what is hardly to say how much longer
can be. This video would be displayed at the end of the trip on the theater as
an event where the people can attend and watch it, if they like it how the
movie was recorded and everything would have the chance to buy it at the end
where copies would be delivery at their rooms in case that is not enough stock.
Of course as the videographer will work also for commission here, more they
sell, better would be for him and the assistant at the end, and have in mind
also that quality is the name of the game and the hook to catch the people.

Cruises with more family environment or more standard lines will have also videographers but
the main difference that they will work cross department, this mean with the
help of another inside department for the recollection and recording of filmed
material. Due that they not only will work as an spare photographer in case of
something happen, the videographer will be in constant touch with the guest the
offer them the video as some cruises lines have the schedule so fill that they wouldn’t
have time to show a trailer or even a full movie at the end of the trip making
harder to move the product, for which they will rely also in their colleagues
at the photo department.

 We can say that the material can be classified on two, like a full movie and like a dvd menu with the days separate, this of course affect in how the people perceive it but can be more comfortable if you want to go to an specific port.

The knowledge in editing software’s as Premiere, After Effect or Sony Vegas among
others is key besides the knowledge about cameras, for which some cruises lines
decided to promote or hire people that already have knowledge in photography
however more premium cruises lines will hire people with formal studios in direction
and production film, this to guarantee the quality of the product that they
expect after filter all the candidates that apply for the position.

But if you read this and somehow you get disappointed about a possible chance of being
hired, don’t be. As I say they would hire people that delivery a quality
product for if you are able of show not only your professionalism but also your
skill and talent, you will be more than an valid candidate for a position,
Quentin Tarantino for example he was a movie fan only until he release his
first movie in theaters.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day ahead.  

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