Tomás Balbuena Photography


"Travel, books, movies, people; everything that make us more creative and innovative; that's the fuel of my engine."

Beginning in 2012, my search took me to travel around the globe, taste the culture of diverse countries and talk with his people on board of cruise ships where I am currently working, however thanks to my background in advertising and visual arts help me to keep contact with people looking for photographers to record their experiences and life moments in the camera so they can carry that especial occasions forever.

I worked five years in different fields of photography searching for my spot to finally landed in beauty - editorial photography looking for an unique and characteristic style. Under the teachings of renowned digital retouchers and photographers as Marcin Mikus, Jake Hicks, Trevor Dayley and Peter Hurley among others I'm always try to ensure that the quality of each session is more than everyone expected.

Feel free to contact me to - - even during my time traveling, the communications of today given us to the amazing opportunity to do incredible works around the globe or leave a message below.



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